If you are looking for any local artist to perform at your next event, then you've come to the right place. Let T.T.Hanco Records put you in touch with the right artist and management for the job. I represent many up and coming artist in the business of entertainment. I have screened these artist for you. They are the best R & B, Soul, Hip Hop, Rap, and Urban performers in the business. For bookings, please read the following.

T.T. Hanco Records & T.T. Hanco Entertainment Presents…

Soncier & Friends – 240.432.6078 Call or Text
Available for all types of events (weddings, private parties, corporate events, fairs, festivals, etc.)
Size/Type of Group Cost Range (US$)

Soloist $ 50 - 150 per hour Vocalist or single musician

Duet $ 100 - 300 per hour Only two in group
Pricing: Solos: $250-1000.00; Duos: $500-1500.00; 3-6pc groups: $750-3500.00+
Just more info to take into consideration before booking any acts (Feel free to message or e-mail responses for your inquiry either here:  tthancorecords@gmail.com

 What date is the event? (You really need to know the date, because entertainers book up months and years ahead).
 What time is your event? (A group may have another event before or after).
 How long do you want music? (musicians usually charge by the hour)
 What kind of event is it? (Wedding, company party, promotion, etc.)
 What type of music are you looking for? (R&B, Hip Hop, Rap, Rock, Jazz, Variety, Caribbean, etc.)
 Do you need background music, or a show?
 How many people will be attending?
 Where is your event? (City/State: Exact location is best.)
 Is it outside or inside? (Outside events can be problematic for rain, wind, sun, etc., Musician's with P.A. systems prefer not to be electrocuted!)
 What kind of location? (residence, banquet hall, hotel, club, etc.)
 Is there electricity? (Very important for any amplified sound. Acoustic, no amplified music can be difficult to hear, especially outside).
 Do you have a P.A.? Small groups carry their own. If you are also planning to have speakers, you might want to supply your own, as well. A band may or may not use your equipment. That's O.K. Trust the artist to take care of their own needs. Note: Large national touring acts will have extensive contract "riders" that will require you ("Purchaser") to supply full P.A., "back-line" (instruments, etc.) and, course, no blue M&Ms! It is not recommended to book any national touring act without professional booking agents, and contracts. Travel, accommodations, etc., are all necessary to complete a booking.
 Loading easy? (Some musical equipment is large and heavy. Stairs, and elevator sizes can be challenging).
 What is your budget? (Wide range depending on size of group-solo-large ensemble), length of event, etc. Be realistic!)
 Contact Persons Name:
 Company Name:
 Address: (with zip!)
 PHONE: (with area code)
 FAX: (with area code)
A little FYI just in case you may be new at booking acts:
 Contact the entertainer or appropriate booking agent, i.e., T.T. Hanco Records. If you can't locate the entertainer, that's a great reason to get an agent. They usually have extensive networks of contacts with other agents. (Commissions can be split between agents).
 Get information and pricing sent, emailed, or faxed.
 Contract the entertainer (they supply, usually). Contracts may need to be signed by client, performer and booking agent.
 Pay deposit. (Usually 10-20% if to an agent, i.e,, T.T. Hanco Records. Some groups, especially touring groups will require 50% deposit).
 Get entertainer all information including map (e-mail is easy)! location/address, contact phone (cell phone is a must!), loading, parking, etc.
 Make sure entertainer is met by one of your personnel at the event! (1hr or more before the event starts). Consider early set-up, loading, parking issues. If the venue is hard to find, have someone on the lookout for the entertainment vehicle. (Is the parking garage big enough for a van?) Too often, entertainers are left to figure out where to set up, etc. If an entertainer has to re-set up, they will not be happy. Unhappy performers are not good performers!
 Pay the entertainer! Most entertainers prefer to be paid at the start of the event. You can usually pay them at the end, but entertainers can be tired, and not want to track you down. They may need to pay their band, also. They will play better, knowing that they've been paid. Credit cards may be accepted by booking agents and entertainers. Find out ahead. Cash or checks are usually welcome. If you want to tip afterwards, 10% is typical. Tips are not expected, but they are appreciated.
 Have an area available for the entertainer to relax, and put their stuff, if possible. This will also control the clutter around the entertainer. Have bottled water available. If there is food (banquet style), consider offering the entertainer. Some entertainers will not eat before an event, but some may, especially if it is long drive to the event, a long event, and over a meal time.
 At the event, offer the entertainer water or drinks (not liquor!), etc. Most entertainers will perform for 45 minutes and take a 15 minute break. Do you have break music available during breaks? Many bands will bring a P.A. and play music. Be sure to ask.
 Post event. Make sure entertainers have help to break down and load out, if possible. If you really like the entertainment, they will be very appreciative of getting help! You will get a better deal the next time. Believe me!
 Tell the band or agent what you thought of the performance. Most artists like to know how they've done. Unless, there was a problem at the event, or the entertainer was the wrong style, events go well, entertainment-wise. If you really liked the entertainer, let them know. They will appreciate the reference. Around tax time, make sure appropriate 1099-Misc forms are mailed to the entertainer or booking agent.
Tel: (240) 432-6078
Email: tthancorecords@gmail.com


Thaddeus T. Hancock, President
T.T. Hanco Records



T.T. Hanco Records works with many new music artist trying to make it in the music business. Lately it has become impossible to do this without the necessary funds needed for their development. If you would like to help us sponsor these artist so that we are able to provide them with the proper management, music production, marketing team, and music distribution needed to advance them in today's music industry, then please make a donation today and know that your donation helped make a big difference in their lives. We except any amount.




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